Venice Unleashed - Launch Failure


Right after I open the “vu.exe” file, I receive the following error:

“--------------------------- Venice Unleashed - Failure --------------------------- Could not locate the main VU module (vu-core.dll). Please download and re-install the latest VU version and try again. --------------------------- Accept ---------------------------”

I have tried to re-install the latest VU version and tried again but same result.

Any ideas anyone ?

Someone can upload that file ? “vu-core.dll”.

Thank you in advance.

Did you also download the ui.vuic and put it in the appdata folder as requested?

In your BF3 directory, there should be a “vubin” folder. Does this folder contain a file called “vu-core.dll”?
Edit: This is wrong, vu-core.dll is in %LocalAppData%\VeniceUnleashed\clientvubin
If it doesn’t, please try completely removing VU and install the latest version. This might be a permission issue.
Otherwise, your antivirus might be interfering?

You were right, The antivirus interfered with the installation, The problem is solved.

The only problem now is that no licenses are currently associated with my account.

Is there anyway to receive a license and become a modder ?

My main goal since 2012 is to bring the alpha version of BF3 back.

I would love to make it happen, If you want to see the reasons and the benefits of the alpha, you can check the next link:

There are more options, more animations, we have the files so we can make it exist.

There will be modes like infection mode and also the alpha mode.

I see great things for VeniceUnlished and I also see it as an option to bring the alpha back because in my opinion, it was better than the full game, Let me know if I can get access as a modder and login, Thank you in advance.

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Help me i have a same problem everytime i installed it and run it it always same like this problem i reinstall it over and ovee again but no avail even my anrivirus is turned off plssss helpppp