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Where did The Pink Server go?

Hey there folks. First-time poster here.

VU is truly amazing and when the servers are full I am so thrilled to experience BF3 in a new & improved way. That said, I was playing on of the “The Pink Server” servers just about every day. I’m in the East USA so right around noonish the server was full (thanks EU time!). Recently however, no one.

Just 4 days ago it was full - every single day. There were many decent players in there so I’m surprised to see it go to almost zero in such a short amount of time. What happened?

Also, If PINK has Discord Servers, I cant find an invite link so acquiring one would be awesome.

Here you go mate

Forgot to say thanks!

is the pink server still alive?

Ugh, the invite have expired. Can you send it again, please?