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Where is the Map Editor?

I’m not able to find the VU map editor to create a custom map, can someone explain to me how to access it?

map editor is here, follow the instructions to compile and use, also for support refer to this discord channel

i can’t find some files like (vuicc.exe) and (modlist.txt), and the address (…/Server/Admin/Mods)

have you read the documentation about how to setup a server?

  • if the answer is no then follow this guide.
  • if you can’t find the server files use these, are preconfigured for that purpose, files were sent to virustotal scan in order to trust.
  • here is the missing vuic.exe file, is in the documentation about modding.
  • finally if you need help compiling or setting up Map Editor in your local server use this discord channel for support
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thank you so much it took me some time to understand it but it’s working great now .

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