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Ai Bots MOD

Does anyone know where the Ai Bot MOD can be found?

Do you mean “fun-bots” ?

wrong category.
you should post this in
#discussion in feature-requests.
This is for actual mod releases.

I am looking for it myself.
And btw this isnt a “theoreticle maybe one day feature” kind of thing,last night I played on a co op server 5 players vs 14 bots.
The bots were pretty basic,but they were succesfully walking/runing arround and firing at players(they were pretty bad,but they did actually get some kills and can kill you)
I would love to be able to make a CQ large server and fill it with bots on each side and have the bots replaced as players join(pre 2005 style)

Apologies, will do so

Just for documentation, if someone stubles over this and is looking for the TDM-AI “fun-bots”…