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Suggestion on BOTs Mod

Hi there,
I’m quite new to VU. I am looking for solutions to create map with offline BOTs in either BF3 or Bad Company 2 or BF4.

I have researched quite a few video and find that there is “fun-bot” for BF3 - which allows adding BOTs to multiplay server. But I just want to find out if there are any more solutions available.

All your suggestions are appreciated.

Manu thanks

Hi andyle889,

Welcome to the community.
I’m fairly new here too, but perhaps these tips will help you:

  • First off; I don’t think it’s possible to play a game through VU completely without internet. As you need to connect to Zeus Backend to even be able to play through VU.
  • There are plenty of servers around that don’t have population but have the fun-bots mod enabled. That’s one way to have a sort of offline experience. However you can’t really choose the desired map or set it up to your own liking.
  • Another option is to create your own local server and don’t forward the required ports or put a password on it. I found that this way I could join the server, while no one else could. This way you can tweak the server to your liking and you can even use Procon to make things easier. Set-up is quite easy if you just follow the steps here:

Hopefully this helps you out a bit. I might have missed something, so maybe other members could provide you with more options.

If you would like to have a taste of how the experience could be, I don’t mind setting up my server to your liking and let you have a go at it.

Thank you. It seems that your answer is exactly what I am looking for.
I will try making my own server with BOTs.

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