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The time has come

It has been a long journey but the time has finally come. VU will become available to everyone in less than a week, on Monday, December 21st!

If you have BF3, then on Monday you’ll be able to download and install VU, and play on VU servers. You will also be able to host your own and customize them as you wish.

The modding competition

Initially we planned to end the competition when VU was ready to go public, but since we have the holidays coming up and many people signed up for it only recently, we have decided to give everyone a little bit of extra time.

The competition will end on January 17th and no new entries will be accepted after December 20th, so if you’re still thinking about competing now’s the time to enter. Any competitors should have their mods finished and submitted by January 17th. We’ll be providing more information about how to send your final submissions in the weeks leading up to the deadline.

The prize pool is currently at 1979€ and will be distributed across a number of winners which will be chosen by VU staff and the community (at least 3 but will depend on the final prize pool amount and the number of submitted mods). Anyone interested in contributing to the prize pool can do so by reaching out to me directly either via PM or on Discord.

Helping showcase VU

If you already have access to VU and have already created mods (for the modding competition or otherwise), we invite you to share them with us and the community by posting them in the mod releases forum, even if you feel they are not fully ready yet. We would like to use your mods to create short videos showcasing what you’ve made and what’s possible with VU.

We also invite any content creators, streamers, and influencers who are interested in getting early access to VU to contact us at [email protected] or through Twitter.

What’s next?

While we’re now happy with where we are and are ready to share it with all of you, this is not a final release. This means that while we plan to keep updating VU and introducing new features and modding capabilities, you should be prepared to deal with bugs, crashes, and other issues. If you encounter any such issues please make sure to let us know in our support forum or our public issue tracker.

We are very excited to finally share this with all of you and we hope you will enjoy it!


Good news, everyone!

Finally , time to nut for this game!!!

Finally, we waited for this

Excellent news. Time to promote this to the public.

I lost faith several times over the years as did most of us but here it is. Congratulations on this massive achievement.


Game of The Year Edition

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Hi i try login but i have info your account dont have acces to this branch ???


Its Monday…waiting waiting it’s getting irritating. Need link to download…

if u have creat an account u got a mail with the link to DL the VU luncher

I have a lot of choice words waiting for an email to arrive which never arrives.

  1. How would I know it will be sent. How long do I have to wait? Will it come today?
  2. Have I entered my details correctly. Have I registered correctly.
  3. Why is this not written the forum posts? The only instruction I read was to download VU from the homepage. But there is no link.
  4. Why can’t I just click a download button?
  5. If there will be a download button when will it appear? Half the world is already though most of Monday.

When something is not clear. There are a million things that can go wrong.

When is it exactly online ? :slight_smile:


@SCORN153 The download is right here :smiley:

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Thanks Simon I would never have found that link on this site

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Hello, does anyone know at what time it will be available ? Atm it says “your account dont have acces to this branch” any information ?

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I got the same error…

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From the Venish Unleashed Twitter:

“VU is releasing today at 14:00 GMT - that’s 6 hours from now! We will also be hosting a pre-release stream starting at 13:30 GMT over at
Download BF3 and get ready!”

So the error will disappear for us at 14:00 GMT :smiley:


thanks for the info can’t wait to be at 14:00 then hehe

VU will be opening up at 14:00 GMT. At that time you’ll be able to download it from the homepage and login.