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Darkness Unleashed - A true dark night mod and more [V1.0.0] [V1.0.9 in Testing]

Darkness Unleashed

The true dark night mod and more!
by P!NK & Friends

Current Features [V1.0.0]:

  • 4 Presets (Night, Bright Night, Morning, Evening)
  • Easy Set Up (Just choose what preset should be used on what map)
  • Custom Flashlights
  • Night Preset Enables Speccular Reflections & More Dynamic Lighting
  • Increased Bullet Tracer Visibility
  • Reduced Sunglare / No Flares (Just Flashlights)
  • Global Brightness & Fog Settings For Night Preset
  • Custom Map Brightness & Fog Settings For Night Preset
  • Changes Mapname Accordingly To The Used Preset

Planned Features:

  • Voting System for Time Presets
  • Realtime Preset saving / loading
  • Custom Loading Screens & Music
  • Custom HUD / Night HUD
  • Toggleable Vehicle Lights
  • Work on NV balance


With this build you can test new features!

  • Morning/Evening/Night Preset
  • InGame Preset Editor (CineTools)
  • Ticketbased Day/Night Cycle
  • Serverbased Day/Night Cycle
  • Night Vision Goggles (Infantry & Vehicles)
  • Support for all Maps
  • First Version of Vehicle Lights
  • Stars at Night

For the use of cineTools you will need to download & install DebugGUI by breaknix:
We will work on a standalone version later.

Some Maps work better than others . We intend to customize each preset to each map, to get the most out of it in the future!

Download and/or contribute + Set up Tutorial:

Download the testing-build here:

LIVE(V1.0.0): (19.6 KB)
TESTING(V1.0.5): (17.2 KB)

To join the project contact us on Discord: (IllustrisJack#5355 & Lesley#0242)

V1.0.9 Testing Build


Evening: (to be adjusted)

Preset Night:

Preset Bright Night:

Preset Morning:

Preset Evening:


Just wow! well done guys, looks like so much work has gone into this. Quick questions, I assume if you set a map to ‘false’ it just uses the default map? Also can you have a map twice say one with a preset and again without? and does this overide your maplist.txt or adhere to it?

Many thanks for this contribution :slight_smile:

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Amazing !!!
this will be even more anoying for some players !!
lets camp !

Awesome, these presets look outstanding. Now we can set the maps to the daytime which actual is. Sure a lot of work but i am also sure the community will love it. :clap:

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<3 - We will try to get our voting function & day/night cylcle working asap so you can enjoy it even more! Thanks for the feedback! ;D

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The screenshots look awesome!

For the day/night cycle, you can use our existing code and UI from here: Day & Night - Live change level's lighting during the game

The problem we had was getting a nice variation, so avoid switching on and off elements. I hope you guys get it better!

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Thank you! We will definetly take a look at it! :wink: - We are still looking for people to join our team maybe we can combine efforts :smiley:

the only isue i notice, it after a few hours loading a new map gots laggy and it need to reload the map, could be a squad tdm isue ,not sure, but pitch black is tough to play

Sure, I will have a look on the code and try to combine stuff :+1:t2:

I´m currently cleaning up the whole code / rearranging everything as we only went for function first. If you want to have access to the newest code just contact me on Discord if you have time :slight_smile:

actualy, just a request, there is pitch dark, and the dark mode, something in between would be great, darker, but not that dark…

Version 1.1 will contain more customization options for all presets. This will enable you to edit things to you liking more easily! :slight_smile:

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– added Testing-Build [V1.0.5]

how’s it going with the mod bro?

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lots of stuff happening in the background! Our development build now features cinetools that we will expand to a full preset creation kit. We also integrated vehicle lights, night vision goggles, and further configuration options. I hope we will be ready for V1.1 soon! If you want to keep updated join the P!NK Discord - we provide all current info & let people playtest and give feedback over there :slight_smile:

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Wow, amazing news, can’t wait for it ^^ …I’m planning to buy a new laptop this month so I’m going t join then and give all of it a go ^^

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  • update to testing version 1.0.9

Great mod!
Me and some friends only recently decided to have a go at BF3 again and thanks to mods like these I’m sure we’ll stick around for some time.

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Thank you a lot and welcome to the community!
If you need any help with setting up Darkness Unleashed or you´ve got any other questions - write them down here or contact one of us over Discord! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome and quick response.

Just curious about one thing… I see you’ve taken the voting out of the settings file in the test build and development plans. Does that mean we shouldn’t expect that anytime soon? If not, is there any way to force a different time of day for the current map/next map running without having to restart the server?

Keep up the good work!